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John KellyJohn Kelly

John spent his early career in banking in Scotland and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland, a membership he still values and maintains to this day.

For the last 30 years John has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry initially as a medical representative and latterly as President and Board Member for the European subsidiary of a major Japanese pharmaceutical company establishing and heading up their clinical development operation.

During this period John has amassed a network of contacts both in the EU but particularly in Japan and South East Asia with pharmaceutical companies and clinicians.

John’s track record of being involved in two start up operations for Japanese pharmaceutical companies in Europe in both the commercial and clinical sector gives him a valuable insight into the business as well as the cultural environment often a challenge for client companies reaching out to this market.

One of the start up Japanese companies focused on the commercialisation of the anti-cancer drug Mitomycin-C which John successfully launched and developed in the UK market over a fifteen year period as well as in the European market through the licencees. John gained valuable contacts during this period internationally with senior oncologists and urologists and is listed as a founder member of the European Organisation for the Research and Treatment of Cancer GU Group based in Brussels (E.O.R.T.C.)

When John was appointed as the President for the second Japanese company his remit was to establish the European clinical development operation and recruit a team of highly skilled employees at all levels in the clinical, regulatory, financial and administrative roles. Over the five plus years period a team of almost thirty employees joined the European operation which latterly took one of the compounds through to Phase III. John was pivotal in the negotiation of all external services with CRO’s on behalf of the company as well as maintaining responsibility for the overall financial management of the European operation as President and Board Member.

In addition John is currently a member of the executive committee of the Pharma Licensing Group UK with over 100 member companies actively involved in licensing with links to other European licensing groups. John is a past member of the UK Japanese Pharmaceutical Group (JPG) as well as the CEO group of the London Thames Valley Pharmaceutical Group (LTVPG).

In 1999 John was awarded an MBA from Oxford Brookes University.